Summer is here and your calendar is probably packed with summer activities like beach days, camping, floating, and concerts. It’s easy to slack on your summer workout routine when you spend all your time outside doing all these fun activities. But it’s important to maintain a consistent workout routine to see results. Some easy ways to get a workout that doesn’t feel like a workout are doing fun, summer exercises! Check out our favorites below! 

Summer Exercise #1: Swimming 

You’re probably doing this activity anyways if you have beach days coming up soon. And when we say swimming, it doesn’t have to be swimming laps. Just treading water and moving in the water is enough resistance for it to be a workout. Swimming helps build insurance and muscle strength while improving cardiovascular fitness. Swimming uses all of your muscles so it’s a fun, summer activity that gives you an all-over body workout, but without you realizing it! 

Summer Exercise #2: Hiking

This is another popular summer activity that burns a lot of calories. Next time you want to get outdoors, recruit your friends or your dog for a hike! You’ll be among nature (which has been proven to improve mental health) and see incredible views. You can bring some snacks and a meal to turn it into a picnic and replenish those burned calories with much-needed energy. Or go hardcore and make it a backpacking trip for the ultimate calorie burn.woman hiking

Summer Exercise #3: Dancing

Dancing is another great way to burn some calories without realizing it. Dancing counts as cardio and will improve your heart, lungs, muscular strength, and endurance. So next time you’re not feeling a workout put on some music and get moving! Whether you sign up for dance classes in your community or just dance around the house, both forms count as exercise. 

Summer Exercise #4: Walking

A walk is an easy way to get moving without putting in too much effort. Not only will it be beneficial to get moving (especially if you’ve been sitting or standing all day), but it can help clear your head. Walks can be your main method of transportation where you live or can be a new activity to do with friends. If you’re traveling this summer, you’ll do a lot of walking as you explore your new destination. 

Summer Exercise #5: Biking

Take advantage of the long sunshine days and go for a bike ride! It doesn’t have to be extreme or strenuous either, so don't think you have to buy a mountain bike and all the gear. Just like walking, it can be your new mode of transportation this summer. Even renting a bike once in a while if you’re at the beach or on vacation can be another fun way to explore a new city. 

someone biking at sunset

Summer Exercise #6: Water Sports

If you’re lucky enough to live by the water, why not take advantage and make water sports your new hobby this season? Crisp, cool water paired with a hot sun is a great combination for some lake or beach days. Some popular water sports to get you moving this summer include water skiing, surfing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, and kayaking. Take your summer a notch with more than just splashing in the water. Create a wave!

Summer Exercise #7: Rock Climbing

Another exercise in disguise is rock climbing. This is a full-body workout that’ll leave you sore the next day. Using your body weight and arm strength, you’re climbing up walls while using your brain to strategize your next time. The benefit of rock climbing is how accessible it is at all levels. Plus, most rock climbing gyms will give you an orientation and shoe rentals so it’s a low cost to get involved in the sport. 

person rock climbing indoors

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