Our mission at WAYT is not to sell supplements, it’s to ask a simple question. WHERE ARE YOU TODAY? We offer health, fitness, and exercise coaching for FREE because supplements alone never work. Once we learn where you are and where you want to go we build the road map to get you there. WAYT exists to understand you and support you on your health journey.

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How Our Coaching Works

  • 1. Goal Setting

    We will discuss your personal goals, whether it's fat loss, gaining better habits, eating healthier, or something else.

  • 2. Free Workout Plan

    If you're in the gym, working out at home, running, or anything else, we will put together a workout plan for you.

  • 3. Free Nutrition Plan

    Depending on your goals, we will develop the right nutrition plan that will set you on track for a healthier lifestyle.

  • 4. Coach Checkins

    Our trained coaches will check in with you on a regular basis to answer questions and hold you accountable.

  • 5. Sustainable Results

    No more fads or short-term achievements, you’re going to see lasting, real change because you have a roadmap, a coach and a plan. Yes… YOU CAN DO THIS!

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Our team has helped 1,000s of people loose 1,000s of pounds. And one thing is always true, a community working together towards a common goal motivates us all to stay on track. Join our Facebook group to find support and guidance from our WAYT coaches and connect with others who are also on their own fitness journey.

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We are looking for gyms and supplement stores with similar values. If that’s you, we want to talk. Because when you offer WAYT Nutrition, you too stand for the mission of ending obesity.

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