If you're looking to get more nutrients and give your muscles a boost, you need more branched-chain amino acids in your diet. Valine, leucine, and isoleucine make up the powerhouse of the BCAA team and come with scores of health  benefits. Here's what to know and how to get more of it in your day-to-day.

Get More Muscle Energy


It's difficult to get more out of your muscles when you don't have enough BCAAs in your diet. When your muscles are sore or don't have the energy to perform, it's challenging to get your workouts off the ground. These amino acids fuel your muscles to help push through plateaus while simultaneously improving your stamina. If you love working out, are pursuing a sport, or are just tired of muscles that won't get up and get going, BCAAs could help.

Reduce Fatigue

BCAAs do more than foster muscle growth; they can also combat fatigue by altering some chemicals in your brain, including serotonin. More serotonin could help decrease exercise-induced fatigue and improve your mood. When you're feeling motivated and aren't so sluggish, you can work out longer and harder while increasing stamina.

You can add more to your daily routine than BCAAs to get a handle on your fatigue. Give your energy a bigger boost with a pre-workout to regulate your heart rate and breathing. Choose between Juicy Orange or Gummy Candy for a delicious pre-workout drink.

Speed Up Post-Workout Recovery

When your body is fueled with BCAAs, it gets to work repairing damaged muscles and synthesizing new proteins. It also prevents spikes in muscle breakdown and promotes recovery. The results are more time in the gym or outdoors hiking, mountain biking, or enjoying physical activities.

Improve Your Liver Health

When people suffer from liver disease, one of the telltale signs is altered amino acid metabolism. Adding more BCAAs to your day can help with liver repair, but it won't replace medical care or taking care of yourself. Vitamin B and Vitamin C can also help with liver repair, including neutralizing free radicals and preventing liver disease and fatty liver disease.

Enhance Weight Loss

If you're struggling to shed the pounds, BCAAs could help by increasing metabolism and boosting fat oxidation. Ultimately, it helps encourage the body to break down fat instead of the muscle mass you're working so hard to build. Studies show that BCAAs taken during a strength-training regimen result in greater body fat loss and promote lean muscle.

How to Get More BCAAs in Your Diet

Unfortunately, your body doesn't naturally produce BCAAs, but your diet can help. Consuming the right foods or give yourself a boost with a supplement. Before you hit the grocery store again, add these foods to your next shopping list.

  • Whey, milk products, and soy protein
  • Lean meats, including beef, chicken, fish, and eggs
  • Baked beans and lima beans
  • Chickpeas
  • Corn
  • Lentils
  • Whole wheat
  • Brown rice

One of the best things about taking more BCAAs is how well these foods go together. It's easy to put together a great meal from the above ingredients and still enjoy a satisfying dinner.

Beyond changing up your diet, you can also take a high-quality supplement to increase your BCAA intake. Our BCAA supplement, or block-chain amino acids, packs in benefits from reducing muscle fatigue to increasing stamina. It also includes glutamine and potassium citrate to further aid in post-workout recovery.

Can Anyone Take BCAAs?

BCAA supplements are considered safe when taken in moderation and per the instructions of your supplements. However, taking BCAAs in supplement form is not recommended if you're pregnant, breastfeeding, dealing with chronic alcoholism, or have the rare branched-chain ketoaciduria. Otherwise, you can take a high-quality supplement and consume more BCAAs as part of an overall balanced diet.

Next Steps

BCAAs are superstars of your health but aren't always easy to consume enough of in your diet. Fortunately, high-quality supplements can help on. your journey. Ready to get even more BCAAs in your day to supercharge your health? Start shopping our supplements or comprehensive health programs to pick up organic greens, multivitamins, probiotics, and more.

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