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Collagen is an essential protein that naturally exists in our bodies and is vital for our bones, skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, eyes, and teeth. As we age, our bodies start producing less and less collagen and can create issues with our health. Whether it's bone density loss or dull skin, we can see the impacts of collagen deficiency.

This is where the power of collagen supplements comes in. You can help restore and replace missing collagen to create a healthier body. However, not all collagen supplements are created equally and should always be purchased from a reputable retailer or manufacturer. WAYT's Collagen Supplements are sourced from grass-fed cows and are designed to be high in antioxidants to improve your overall health and improve gut health at the same time.

Ready to explore the possibilities for yourself? Here are just some of the ways collagen supports our health.

Builds Healthier Joints 

Collagen supplements are typically created from animal or fish materials, and the amino acids help with crucial joint health. This could be good news for those who suffer from arthritis, stiffness, and pain.

Research suggests the collagen offers anti-inflammatory effects that can improve our joint health and feeling of overall well-being. Some studies show collagen could help treat joint issues like osteoarthritis. 

Collagen Supplements Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite is a problem that has plagued both men and women for ages. Although many people think losing weight will eliminate cellulite, that's not always the case. You don't necessarily need to be overweight to struggle with cellulite. Cellulite occurs when our connective tissues are misshapen due to fat pushing through. And no matter your weight, we all carry some fat—even supermodels at the height of their career report issues with pesky cellulite.

Collagen supplements help improve the appearance of cellulite by working to strengthen your connective tissues. As your skin becomes more hydrated from your collagen supplements, you'll also see more elasticity and that plump, bouncy look you've been missing.

Promotes Healthier Hair

Collagen Supplements - HairDull, lifeless hair sometimes needs interventions like a better care routine or diet. But collagen supplements also help foster healthy hair. Amino acids build up hair proteins and strengthen the skin around your scalp and roots. There's also evidence it could prevent damage to your hair follicles and slow down the graying process.

If you wish your hair was thicker or grew faster, collagen supplements could help with the natural promotion of healthier hair. As we age, free radicals can also lead to hair follicle damage and loss. Research shows that collagen supplements can help hair regeneration. 

Enhances the Quality of Your Skin

Collagen supplements play a significant role in improving our skin's appearance and health. As our bodies age and produce less collagen, we may find our skin feels drier and see fine lines and wrinkles. Some say collagen can even reverse aging by giving our skin more overall structure and restore the building blocks to our skin.

Some research suggests collagen plays a part in trigger our bodies to produce more hyaluronic acid, which is also a factor in healthier-looking skin. Both components boost our skin's water content for a more youthful and fresh appearance.

Improves Nail Health

Brittle nails can cause discomfort and embarrassment. Instead of always keeping nails short to prevent breaking, collagen helps increase their strength. Collagen supplements can cause nails to grow longer and faster than before.

But don't just take our word for it. One study found that those who took collagen supplements saw an improvement in nail growth and reduced broken nails by 42%. 

Strengthens Your Teeth

Collagen Supplements - WAYT Nutrition - TeethCollagen doesn't always come to the top of mind when thinking about how it strengthens our teeth and gums. However, research shows that the lack of collagen can lead to tooth loss. A reduction in collagen leads to a breakdown of enamel and can also weaken your gums. 

Because collagen helps strengthen teeth and enamel, it can also help reduce cavities and chipping. Collagen supplements could also help if you grind your teeth at night. Although it probably won't stop the grinding, it can help prevent breakage and chipping due to the stress on your teeth.

Helps Bone Mineral Density 

It's inevitable our bone density and strength start to break down as we get older. This type of breakdown leads to osteoporosis and other aging-related conditions.

Collagen supplements help strengthen our bones and reduce the risk of injury, aches, and pains by increasing our BMD (bone mineral density). Studies found that those who took collagen increased their BMD up to 7% compared to those who didn't. The study found that the proteins in our blood that often break down blood were significantly lower than before.

Increases Your Collagen Reserve

With all of the talk about how collagen improves our health in ways we can see from the skin to hair, it's easy to forget how it improves our bodies. Taking regular collagen supplements helps improve the reserve of this naturally occurring component in our body. As you age, you'll have more collagen to draw from to fight bone and joint deterioration and issues like osteoporosis. 

Collagen Supplements: Reviews

"Healthy connective tissue is imperative for me as I live with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Keeping a healthy diet and supplementing with collagen allows me to avoid all prescription medications! The added benefit of healthy skin while living in o-so-sunny Florida is simply icing!" - Michelle

"I'm getting older and need to make sure I'm doing everything I can to take care of my skin and joints. WAYT Collagen helps me do that with a tasty, high-quality solution. The effects on hair and skin help my self-esteem for all those social media selfies, too!!" - Steven

"Ever since taking collagen, my hair and nails grow significantly faster! My skin repairs faster! And this collagen doesn't clump like others do!" - Courtney

How to Buy Quality Collagen Supplements

The real questions around collagen aren't if or how they work. It has more to do with where to buy quality collagen supplements that you can trust. Not all supplements are the same and can contain fillers or be outright counterfeit. 

Always purchase any health supplements from a reputable online retailer or manufacturer. WAYT Nutrition only sells high-quality products that we trust. We also offer great-tasting supplements, including pink lemonade. Unlike other products that clump with water, our products mix smoothly into your favorite drinks.

Ready to try the power of collagen supplements for yourself? Buy here or browse our entire catalog of supplements to uplevel your health. 

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