Pre workouts are designed to give your fitness routine a boost and help push through plateaus. They've become popular among workout enthusiasts and experts alike. But do they actually work? Or are they all hype?

The answer is: It depends. Pre workouts can absolutely supercharge your workout. But not all pre workouts are created equally. Purchasing from a no-name or fly-by-night retailer could leave you with mixed results. Many pre workouts offer a proprietary blend of nutrients, making it difficult to know what's really in them. 

Purchasing pre workouts from a trusted source like WAYT Nutrition offers more peace of mind that you're getting a high-quality product. Here are just some of the ways pre workouts can help you.

Get an Energy Buzz

Many pre workouts contain stimulants, primarily caffeine. It can help recharge your energy, increase your metabolic rate, and reduce your fatigue. There is a catch. Pre workouts loaded down with caffeine could end up making you crash. Instead, you need a balanced supplement that includes a low to moderate dose of caffeine. 

Enhance Protein Synthesis

Protein synthesis is integral to the recovery of your muscles and a healthier body. Pre workouts offer the amino acids required to help fuel protein synthesis. Look for L-Arginine ingredients that help create nitric oxide, improve oxygen to your muscles, and help promote nitric oxide.

Delay Fatigue

We already know pre workouts contain caffeine to give our bodies an energy boost at the gym. But you'll also find the naturally occurring amino acid of β-alanine. It helps promote nerve signal function and shows signs of delaying neuromuscular fatigue.  

Boost Muscle Growth

Pre workouts don't help you gain muscle by simply ingesting them. The idea is your body is fueled with more energy, focus, and motivation to pump iron longer than before. Instead of stopping when you reach your plateau or dealing with the struggle to push through, pre workouts help you sail through. 

You Still Need to Put in the Work

Pre workouts do work, but you have to also put in the effort. Taking them and expecting different results from the same routine exercise will not lead to muscle gains. The point of pre workouts is to help give your fitness routine a boost by empowering you with the ingredients you need to take your training to new levels. 

Working with a fitness coach or staying accountable with a group can also help you see results. Pair your favorite pre workouts with more time at the gym and an accountability buddy or coach to stay focused. 

Pre Workout Supplement Reviews

Need to see some social proof for yourself? Here's what people are saying about WAYT Nutrition's pre workout supplements. 

 "This is the first time I have used a pre-workout and what a difference it makes in energy and endurance! The taste is great as well. Very pleased!" - Beth W

"Truly the best pre-workout I have ever had!! I have noticed a complete difference in my performance at the gym since taking the pre-workout. I am able to focus more throughout my workouts and have more stamina. Not to mention it tastes amazing!!" Amy Fredericks

"Good Taste, quality efficiency, and car flipping ready adrenaline. It is great to find something that quickly gets me in the zone and dialed in to workout no matter what it is and actually has that taste that makes you want to have it again. Grab it...mix it...drink it... and love it!" - Matt

Purchase the Best Pre Workouts

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