If you're struggling to stay on track with your nutrition, the issue could be at the grocery store. Knowing what to buy and how to plan is challenging, but healthy grocery shopping tips can help take control over your health goals. Here's how to get started. 

Come Prepared

Cookbook and food - Healthy grocery store tipsShowing up at the grocery store can feel overwhelming, with thousands of products to choose from. Come prepared with a list of everything you need or your favorite grocery store planning app. The goal is staying focused on the list you have and straying from any impulse buys that can throw your healthy grocery shopping trip into a sugary tailspin.

Shop the Perimeter of the Store

Have you ever noticed how sugary treats and processed foods are located in the middle of the grocery store? Shop the perimeter of the space for fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy. Before you leave, venture cautiously into the middle aisles to pick up ingredients and other items.

Meal Plan

Meal planning is also a highly effective way to keep your nutrition on track. But it doesn't have to be complicated. Plan healthy, fresh meals with a quality protein source and plenty of fruits and vegetables at least a few nights a week. As you get into the swing of menu planning, you can slowly add multiple meals, days, and snacks to your prep list.

Go Online

If you struggle with healthy grocery shopping, you don't have to do it all on your own. Use a grocery shopping and delivery service, like Instacart, to stay focused on the healthy food options you really want. You may discover you spend less without impulse buys and throwing in a few processed snacks at the last minute.

You can also shop for all of your nutrition supplements online. Whether you need more protein or organic greens, you can find them at WAYT. We sell a selection of nutritional supplements, as well as pre-workouts and products designed to boost your immunity. 

Grab Frozen and Canned Options

Shopping for fresh produce is always best practice, but frozen and canned products retain their vitamins and minerals. In some cases, your frozen food options may even have more power-packed nutrition than fresh. When done correctly, frozen fruits and veggies preserve the nutrients you need.

Get Strategic with Your Fats

Avocado and salmon - Healthy grocery store options

Skipping the processed foods is easy enough, but knowing which fats to supplement your diet is trickier. The American Heart Association recommends two servings of fish a week to get in quality Omega-3 fatty acids.

Avocados are also a good source of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that helps lower cardiovascular inflammation. Nuts, flaxseeds, chia seeds, and eggs are also healthy high-fat food options to add to your diet. 

Tread Lightly with Conveniences

Grocery stores evolved from fruits, veggies, and processed food to the ultimate lifestyle convenience. Now you can shop for deli sandwiches, pizzas, packaged goods, freshly baked desserts, and catered dinners.

Not only are these conveniences more expensive, but they're usually not beneficial to your nutrition goals. It's challenging to track ingredients, nutrients, and calories when you're eating a grocery-store-made sub than making your lunch from scratch.

Indulge in a Treat

Dark chocolate - Healthy treat optionsYou won't find this healthy grocery store tip on most lists. But indulging in a treat can ease the challenges of shopping and keep you motivated. Of course, a natural option like fruit salad is best. But you can indulge in treats like dark chocolate, a yogurt parfait, or chocolate-covered strawberries as an occasional indulgence.

Don't Shop Hungry

Coming to the store entire is probably one of the best grocery shopping tips you can follow. Don't come hungry when you're trying o load up on nutritious food and ingredients. The temptation is too high, and you're likely to derail your efforts before you get started.

If you have no choice but to shop hungry, come with seltzer or grab a coffee to keep your stomach and mind busy.

Final Thoughts

Healthy grocery shopping takes some practice but is empowering to your health. The good news is you don't have to rely on the grocery store alone. Supplements for protein, whole foods, vitamins, and minerals can give your nutrition a boost quickly.

Ready to take control of your health again and empower your body? Browse our selection of supplements here.


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