You're not alone if you feel stressed out by your home or workspace and keep reaching for junk food to cope. There's a link between clutter and weight gain that could sabotage your best efforts. Research shows that 77% of people with extremely cluttered homes are more likely to be overweight and that homes are a predictor of physical health today. 

Decluttering may help you lose weight, and losing weight could help you improve the clutter. The good news is you can get on top of the chaos and improve your health to create a cyclical journey where one aspect helps improve the other. Here's what to know as you embark on an eating and clutter revolution to take more control over your life.

Get On Top of Your Clutter

cleaning spray - decluttering and weight lossLet's start with the clutter and leave the overwhelm behind—tackle one room, or even one area, at a time, like your desk or closet. Tidy up loose papers, toss old receipts, and get as ruthless as you can with your stuff. You can also commit to one decluttering session a week to avoid feeling the gloom over doing nothing but decluttering and organizing for days at a time.

Donate and Purge Excess Stuff

Get ruthless with your stuff. Create four different boxes or bins for:

  • Keep
  • Throw away
  • Donate
  • Undecided

Set a time limit for yourself to deal with each box. Without a time limit, you'll likely keep the boxes piled high. Your 'keep' pile should have a home for every item within the week. The same rule goes for throw away, donate, and undecided.

Exercise More

Exercising and moving your body more helps you destress while boosting energy and focus. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by your clutter every day, you'll likely feel more centered and in control after a good workout. Going on a brisk walk or squeezing in a workout before and after a decluttering session can help you find the balance you need. 

Give Your Nutrition a Boost

Your diet and nutrition need an intervention if you're overweight and feeling out of control with the clutter. Start by eliminating as much processed food and junk from your diet as possible. Focus on eating more fruits and vegetables, lean meats, nuts, and healthy fats like salmon and avocado. 

Just like decluttering, cleaning up your diet doesn't happen overnight. But you can empower your nutrition with the help of a multivitamin, like our Essential Multi, with all the vitamins and minerals you need for a healthy and active lifestyle. It helps boost your immunity and helps you feel and perform your best, even when tackling the clutter. 

Schedule Self-Care and Clutter Control

Self-care, including clutter control and working out, doesn't happen accidentally. Instead, they require regular scheduling as part of your ongoing routine. Try tidying up for about 10 minutes daily and a 30-minute session once a week until you've tamed the clutter. Plan a walk with a friend or a trip to the gym at least a few times a week. 

If you're also trying to lose weight and optimize your health, schedule in time for meal planning and good nutrition. An essential multivitamin is also crucial to good health. Our Essential Multi includes a joint compound for individuals of all ages and gives you the tools and ingredients you need to perform and feel your best. 

Make It Fun

There's no need for more chores and a to-list of things you don't want to do. Make both clutter control and optimize your health by choosing the right activities. Turn on music or team up with a friend who can help you tackle clutter without feeling emotionally attached to the stuff involved. Or reward yourself with a heavy cleaning session followed by your favorite show or lunch with a friend.

For fitness and health, think of activities you used to love to do and don't make time for anymore. Rollerblading, horseback riding, hiking, and biking around town are all fun ways to get fit and get moving.

Ask for Help

There's nothing wrong with needing help to optimize your life and get on top of your clutter and health. Consider hiring an organizing expert specializing in your demographic, whether you're a busy professional or a parent with children underfoot. 

WAYT Nutrition can also help with programs designed to help you tone and focus, boost your immunity, drop fat, and get healthier. Our programs include food swap lists, sample menus, grocery lists, supplement guides, and premier coaching for weekly check-ins with a coach. 

Healthy eating doesn't need to be complicated but requires commitment. Kickstart your goals by packing in the most nutrients possible by shopping our supplements to pick up organic greens, multivitamins, probiotics, and more.

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