If you're trying to lose weight and get fit, you already know late night snacking kills most diets before they get started. The truth is diets and snacking are terrible for your fitness goals and health. Instead of suffering through the midnight hours, here's what to know about late night snacking and what to do instead.

Is Late Night Snacking That Bad?

Stop Late Night Snacking - WAYT NutritionThere's a whole host of reasons that are late night snacking negatively impacts your diet and health. Eating late at night is linked to steady weight gain and acid reflux. You're also more likely to store stubborn fat.

Although WAYT Nutrition prefers to focus on overall health, fitness, and supplements, calories can matter. If you're eating healthy and making some occasional indulgences, you're probably doing a good job maintaining or lowering your weight. A late night snack could easily pack on an extra 500 calories a day or more and sabotage your fitness goals.

What if I'm Really Hungry?

It's normal to have days and nights where you feel famished, especially if you're following a new fitness or nutrition routine. Plan ahead and work on incorporating a healthy snack of fruit, veggies, or air-popped popcorn to stave off late night cravings. Try to have your last snack a few hours before you go to bed and focus on sipping tea or water to keep your mind off your snacking habit.

How Do I Kick the Snacking Habit?

Sometimes nighttime eating is sparked by restricting your diet too much during the day. Adding more healthy fats and foods into your routine can help. However, late night snacking could be a result of boredom or habit. 

Just like any habit, putting an end to nighttime eating can pose a challenge. Don't face it alone. Make plans with a friend, hop online for an online chat, or watch a movie. Keeping busy with a book or new hobby also helps distract you. The goal is to replace snacking with something that makes you feel satisfied, so you're not reaching for the chip bag.

What If I Eat When I'm Upset?

Late Night Snacking Health - WAYT NutritionEmotional eating and indulging during stress are normal. It can take some time to master but focus on checking in on your hunger. Are you really hungry? Would you reach for an apple or a healthy food option if it was the only thing in the house? 

Finding alternatives to deal with your stress is also key to your success. Brainstorm something indulgent and fun to do at night that doesn't involve food. Learning a musical instrument or making a list of friends to call every night to catch up are good places to start.

What If I Mess Up?

Even the most disciplined, fit people have setbacks with their goals. If you succumb to late night snacking, start fresh the next day. Derailing your goals by throwing in the towel is counter-productive and will erase all of your progress. Everyone has bad days at work, in relationships, and with their fitness goals. Stay focused and give yourself the grace to stumble once in a while. 

What Else Can I Do Besides Adjust My Diet and Routine?

Stop Late Night Snacking - WAYT NutritionSometimes you need more than a rock-solid diet and fitness routine. Try teaming up with an accountability partner to help you stick to your goals and lift each other up. Journaling all of your food intake also helps see the reality of what you're really eating on any given day.

A comprehensive approach to fitness and your overall health could also help you reach your goals and break the late night snacking habit. WAYT Nutrition's programs blend proven supplements, like Whey Protein and fat loss sample menus. We also offer check-ins with coaches to help you learn the skills to turn your health goals into a lifestyle. We're not a quick-fix program; we're focused on long-lasting and sustainable results.

Ready to kick your late night snacking habit for good? Learn more about WAYT Nutrition's programs here

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