Are you interested in optimizing your body from the inside? Reach for the collagen powder, a powerful supplement made from small pieces of protein found in animal collagen. Although people have used collagen as a staple in their supplement stash for years, it wasn't until 1991 that studies started showing collagen's developmental and physiological properties.

Although you can consume foods rich in collagen, like bone broth, fish, egg whites, and oysters, you usually need a good collagen supplement that's easy digest to get the full benefits. Here's a look at how collagen improves your health and appearance and what to do next. 

Improves Skin Quality

collagen powder - smooth skin - wayt nutrition.jpgIf you're frustrated with the quality of your skin, collagen powder could help give it a much-needed boost. Studies show collagen improves skin moisture, elasticity, and overall hydration. You may also notice a reduction in the roughness of your skin and how clear it looks. 

Diminishes Wrinkles

It makes sense that if collagen hydrates and smooths your skin, it may also reduce wrinkles. Research shows ingesting collagen may increase fibroblasts and extracellular matrix proteins, which can all reduce wrinkles and how prominent they look.

Smooths Cellulite

You've probably heard you can't do much about cellulite, but that's not entirely true. Collagen could help strengthen your skin's connective tissues and improve its elasticity from within. As a result, the look and texture of your skin can change and improve the appearance of cellulite or even diminish it. 

Thickens Your Hair

Give lackluster hair a lift with the help of WAYT's collagen powder. It could help strengthen your hair's protein, which results in longer, thicker hair. It can even reduce the appearance of gray hair by giving the hair follicle more support, which is where your hair's color is produced. 

Want more ideas? Learn more about eating your way to healthier hair here.

Improves Brain Health

Collagen could be a win for your brain health and cognitive functioning. Studies show a link between collagen and its effect on brain performance, including memory and problem-solving. Because collagen is a protein, it could help bolster your brain during a deficiency and help provide much-needed glycine, an amino acid providing a cornerstone of brain health. 

Strengthens Your Fingernails

If your fingernails are brittle and break easily, your body may not be producing enough collagen to support them. Collagen supplements enhance your fingernails' infrastructure and can help strengthen them in the process. When you add collagen powder to your regular diet, it could help supply your nail bed with more amino acids to promote growth and health.

Boosts Muscle Mass

muscle growth - collagen powder.jpgProtein powder isn't the only supplement to take to help stimulate muscle growth. Collagen could also promote the synthesis of muscle proteins, such as creatine, and stimulate post-workout muscle growth. Some researchers also note a connection between collagen and maintaining a positive nitrogen balance, ultimately promoting muscle growth. 

Improves Mental Health

There are strong associations between collagen and mental health. It may help improve your overall emotional state by helping balance hormonal activity and relieve feelings of anxiety and depression. Collagen also contains glycine, which is often linked to relaxation and sound sleep.

How to Take Collagen Powder

Collagen powder should be tasty and easy to digest. Unfortunately, not all supplements are created equally, and could be hard on your system. WAYT takes a different approach with a great-tasting, easy-to-mix, and easy-to-digest supplement to enjoy all the benefits without the side effects. 

Mix one scoop of our collagen powder in cold water, or try it with your favorite drink. Choose our unflavored power to make it easy to add to a protein shake, smoothie, pancakes, yogurt, and more. Or try our pink lemonade powder to transform a cold glass of water into something more dazzling to your tastebuds.

Next Steps

Ready to optimize your health with the help of our collagen powder and other supplements? Start shopping our supplements or comprehensive health programs to pick up organic greens, multivitamins, probiotics, and more.

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