If you want to transform your body, you need more than a power-packed workout routine. Uplevel your nutrition with a few diet tweaks that optimize your body, mind, and health. Not sure where to start? Here's how to tap into the seven elements of nutrition for lifelong health.

1) Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates get a bad rap for being the culprit behind stubborn weight gain. In reality, not all carbohydrates are created equally and are integral to the seven elements of nutrition.

Skip the refined flour, sugars, and processed ingredients. Instead, rely on as many natural carbohydrates as possible as part of a healthy, balanced diet. When carbs are broken down into glucose and absorbed into your blood, they enter your cells to produce more energy. 

We all reach for a sugary treat now and again. But focus the core of your carbs on vegetables, whole fruits, oats, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, popcorn, and some nuts are praise-worthy examples of carbs that pack in the energy and nutrients. 

2) Proteins

Protein is a cornerstone of your health and empowering your energy at the gym. The amino acids in protein are called building blocks and work to build and repair muscles, bones and produce hormones and enzymes. 

Protein is also essential to oxygenating your blood. Red blood cells need protein that carries oxygen and supplies your body with nutrients. We can wax poetic about protein from how it fuels your body to regulates your digestion and curbs hunger. 

Poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy products, beans, and lean meats are worth adding to your diet as part of your elements of nutrition. It's not impossible, but it can be challenging to get in a whole serving of protein in your diet. Consider a protein supplement to give your energy a boost. 

3) Fats

Fats can be a controversial topic, but people have started to embrace fats as a necessary part of our health and elements of nutrition. Our bodies don't make essential fatty acids, but we need quality fats to help absorb the Vitamin A, D, and E needed. Because these vitamins are fat-soluble, we can't absorb them without good fats. 

Sunflower, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed, salmon, mackerel, trout, sardines, tofu, avocados, and walnuts are all examples of power-packed fats. 

4) Vitamins

Vitamins make a powerful impact in our diet responsible for so many different responsibilities in your body. Vitamins help strengthen our bones, heal wounds, fortify our immune system, and repair cellular damage. 

Nutrients are found in just about every whole food you can think of and add to our elements of nutrition. Eggs, milk, and cantaloupe are filled with Vitamin A. Oranges, strawberries, and broccoli are a wise choice for Vitamin C. or reach for avocados, seeds, and dark leafy greens for your Vitamin E heroes. 

5) Minerals

Minerals are also a crucial part of your daily nutrition. They help build strong bones, teeth, muscles, organs and boost your energy. Some of the essential minerals you need include calcium, iron, zinc, and potassium. 

You're probably already consuming quality minerals without even realizing it. Meat, cereals, fish, fruits, vegetables, and nuts all contain valuable minerals that keep our bodies helpful. 

6) Fiber

Digestive health usually isn't something we think about until we have an issue. Fiber is responsible for keeping our digestive system healthy and is primarily made up of plant-based foods.

High-fiber foods are also enjoyable to eat and include apples, dried fruit, whole grains, berries, lentils, vegetables, and other foods you likely consume regularly. The more stool you pass, the healthier your body and ability to create optimal nutrition. 

7) Water

Water is crucial to keeping our body functions going and healthy. We need plenty of water not just to survive, but maintain the health of all of our cells, bloodstream, and organs. Plenty of water can also help regulate and maintain weight loss.

Beyond the nutrition benefits related to diet and weight, water also helps lubricate our joints, get rid of body waste, and keep an average body temperature. Water is so powerful; you'll likely feel better just by increasing your water intake and staying hydrated throughout the day. 

Final Thoughts

Adding more elements of nutrition to our diets is a hallmark of our health, but can be challenging to get in enough services. Here's the good news. Supplements for protein and whole foods can give your nutrition a boost quickly. Ready to take control of your health again and empower your body? Browse our selection of supplements here.


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