If you're working on your weight management goals, you need more than a caloric deficit goal. Eating more of the right kinds of foods could actually boost your efforts. Studies show that not only does protein help spur weight loss, it can also help you keep off the pounds. Learn more about the role of protein in your daily diet and how it simplifies weight management.


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One of the biggest struggles in weight management is not feeling full. Instead of focusing only on calorie reduction, you need more protein to help you feel satiated and satisfied.

Protein is more filling than carbohydrates or fats and releases hormones like peptide YY and GLP-1. Both of these hormones send a signal to your brain that you're full, which can reduce appetite. The results are fewer calories consumed throughout the day, which makes weight management easier. 

Preservation of Lean Muscle Mass

When you're trying to build muscle while losing fat, it's crucial to find the right balance of protein and dense nutrients. It's not unusual to see people lose weight and realize they're also shedding muscle. Eating more lean protein helps preserve your muscle while sustaining a higher metabolic weight.

If you're concerned about not getting enough protein in your diet to help preserve your muscle mass, check out our Whey Protein supplement. It's easily digestible and spurs more lean muscle growth. It also contains immune-boosting glutathione that can help your liver and gallbladder deal with fats and break down free radicals. It comes ready to enjoy in chocolate, fruity cereal, vanilla ice cream, cookie dough, or strawberry cheesecake flavors.

Increased Energy Expenditure

When you boil down the basics of weight loss and management, you need to increase your energy expenditure. Protein consumption is linked to increased energy expenditure compared to low-protein or high-carb diets. The idea is that more energy is required to metabolize protein, making it easier to shed pounds and maintain your weight. 

Muscle Repair and Growth

If you love working out, you should prioritize muscle repair and growth. Eating a lot of processed foods won't give you any flavor and requires protein for strength training or resistance exercise. As you build up more muscle and work to maintain it, your body's metabolic rate and calorie expenditure also go up, making weight loss even easier. 

Blood Sugar Regulation

Spiking blood sugar can lead to crashes and overeating. Adding more high-quality protein to your diet can help stabilize blood sugar levels by slowing down the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream. The result is a more stable blood sugar that supports your goals without all of the cravings. 

Nutrient Density

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Protein-rich foods come packed with essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Make sure you're getting the right nutrition and keep your calories in check with lean meats, fish, poultry, legumes, and dairy products. If you want to get even more nutrition in your diet, reach for our Organic Green supplements. They're equivalent to a full serving of vegetables that help detoxify your body, reduce your blood pressure, support immunity, decrease inflammation, and lower blood pressure.

Food Choices and Satisfaction

It's possible to hit your weight management goals with bland, boring food, but why bother? Instead, you could dig into protein-rich foods at mealtime and throughout the day as a satisfying snack. 

Whip together lean chicken tostadas topped with veggies, chicken parmesan and quinoa-stuffed peppers, stuffed sweet potatoes with turkey chili, and anything else you can think of that focuses on delicious, lean proteins. For snack time, try a Greek yogurt parfait with berries, green veggies, yogurt dip, and tuna on protein crackers. The options are endless. 

Meal Planning and Portion Control

Making the switch to a higher-protein diet doesn't mean you'll automatically be able to control your weight. Portion control still matters. Loading up on fatty steaks, yogurts, and nuts may fuel your protein needs, but they are also high in calories. Make sure you stick to reasonable servings and monitor how you feel afterwards. The goal is to stay satisfied without overdoing it. 

Next Steps

Ready to take control of your weight while maximizing your performance in the gym or just in your daily routine? Start shopping for a variety of supplements or comprehensive health programs to pick up our protein supplements, organic greens, multivitamins, probiotics, and more.

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