Working on your core isn't just a trendy buzz phrase for fitness enthusiasts. Core exercises are proven to offer better balance and stability for work and play. Your core muscles train your pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen with the right options in your repertoire.

Ready to get your core in shape and see how it transforms your life? Here are eight core exercises to try to transform your body. 

1) The Plank

Core exercises - Plank - WAYT NutritionThe plank is a powerful isometric abdominal exercise to help build up your core strength. The idea is to maintain a position similar to a push-up, but with your forearms balancing your body, for as long as possible.

Remember, this is no competition to how long you can plank. Build up your stamina starting with 10-seconds and gradually to avoid stress or potential injury.  

2) Glute Bridge

The Glute Bridge focuses on your lower-body to help tone your core and glutes. You'll also notice a difference in your hamstrings with this core exercise.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor. Situate your arms beside you with your hands flat. While keeping your shoulders, arms, and feet on the ground, lift your hips and engage your glutes. Avoid putting any stress on your neck. The real effort should be focused on your core to move your body off the floor.

3) Reverse Crunch

If you know how to do a traditional crunch, you can do a reverse crunch. Instead of crunching your body towards your feet or ankles, you're moving your legs towards your chest. Ready to try it? Lie flat on your back, keep your shoulder on the floor, and crunch the lower half of your body towards your torso.

Go easy on yourself and refine your technique and positioning if you experience any back pain.

4) Mountain Climber

As the name implies, the mountain climber core exercise looks like you're climbing a mountain. Start from the plank position and bring one knee up to your chest, and alternate. Work on building up speed to "run" against the floor. You can watch a video of the Mountain Climber in action here.

5) Superman

core exercises - superman - WAYT NutritionFeel like a superhero after your core workout with the Superman exercise. Lie on your stomach and extend your hands in front of your head. Do your best to keep your head neutral while lifting your arms and legs towards the ceiling.

Ready to try it for yourself? The idea is to hold the pose for up to 5 seconds and repeat 10-days for a core-activating workout.

6) Panther Shoulder Tap

Despite its ferocious name, the Panther Shoulder Tap is simple to execute. Start on all floors and keep your back flat and your bottom down, similar to a plank. Lift your knees a few inches off the floor while tapping your right and to your left shoulder and then reverse. Focus your core strength to stabilize your hips as you work on your panther taps.

7) Quadruped

The Quadricep is an intuitive core exercise that's easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Start on your hands and knees with your hands below your shoulders. Align your head and neck with your back and activate your core muscles to tighten your abdomen. Raise your right arm and reach ahead, hold and repeat. As you get comfortable, raise your left arm and right leg at the same time and repeat. 

8) Basic Back Extension

Core Exercises - Back Extension - WAYT NutritionCore exercises are also good for stretching your body. Try the basic back extension by lying on a mat on your stomach. Straighten your legs behind you, place your elbows on the ground, and lower your shoulders.

Next, lift your upper back and press your hips into the mat while keeping your neck as neutral as possible. Hold for 30-seconds, or until you feel you need to stop and lower yourself to the starting position.

Next Steps

Re-igniting your core and getting fit is just one step in your journey. Remember to pair good nutrition and the best supplements on the market. Want to join our community of coaches and fitness experts? Learn more about how WAYT Nutrition's programs can help reach your goals.

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