If you're having trouble sticking to your fitness goals and can't seem to work out when you're busy, you're not alone. Six in ten people surveyed said they would spend the year getting fit, but 42% said they don't have time or energy to work out. 

The answer doesn't lie in having more time but figuring out how to make the most of your time with the right workouts. Here are ten ideas to get started.

1. Try a HIIT Workout

HIIT Exercise - WAYT Nutrition

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is trending for a good reason. They alternate between intense bursts of activity and short periods of less intense activity. Try 30-seconds of high-impact sprinting, followed by slow jogging. Even 10 minutes of a HIIT workout when you're busy can make an impact over time to improve your fitness, lose weight, and build muscle.

2. Bike to Work or Errands

Rethink how you get around by biking to work or doing errands. Or consider parking a mile or two away from work and biking the rest of the way. The more you can get active during your regular, everyday routine, the better your results.

3. Work-Out While Watching TV or Answering Emails

Working out when you're busy isn't always about setting aside an hour at the gym. Don't sit idle when you're working or unwinding after a long day. Make the most of your time by working out, stretching, or getting in some arm curls. Any time you're still or waiting is an opportunity to move your body more.

4. Invest in a Treadmill Desk

Invest in your health with a treadmill desk. The idea is to keep moving, even if at slow intervals, while you're working. Studies show that treadmill desks can help you lose weight, alleviate back pain, and improve your cognitive skills. In between work-related tasks, power your treadmill desk on a higher speed to get in more of a workout at your convenience. 

5. Walk During Your Lunch Break

Rethink how to use your breaks to start working out when you're busy. Take advantage of your lunch break by walking or jogging. If your lunch break is an hour, prioritize 40-minutes for physical activity and 20-minutes to eat and clean up afterward, so you're refreshed for work. Or, if your workplace doesn't have a specific policy about lunch, eat at your desk once your break is over while answering emails.

6. Schedule Walking Meetings

There's no rule that an office meeting needs to take place at a desk. Schedule walk and talk meetings around your work campus, the office, or neighborhood to get in some exercise while you talk. You may even find you're more productive throughout the day and look forward to meeting with your colleagues. 

7. Take the Stairs

Working out when you're busy is all about challenging yourself and mixing up your daily routine. Skip the elevator and improve your cardiovascular fitness by climbing stairs. The activity is vigorous and can burn more calories than jogging. You can keep adding a flight of stairs as you build up stamina to make the most of your commute into work or your apartment building.

8. Socialize Your Exercise Routine

If you struggle to work out and still make time for friends, combine both. A hike, bike ride, climbing wall, or spin class is a fun way to get together and work on your personal fitness goals. It's also a great way to meet new people if you find it challenging to make friends.

9. Wake Earlier

Sometimes working out when you're busy is about making dedicated time for it. Waking 20-minutes early can go a long way in your fitness goals, even if you don't head out first thing. Instead, you can get ready, squeeze in some busy work and use the 20-minutes later in the day for a quick jog or weight circuit in your garage.

10. Get Help

Even if you have the best intentions of working out when you're busy, you sometimes need to ask for help. Teaming up with an accountability buddy or our WAYT Premier Coaching Program helps keep you on track and your goals in check. Our coaches are here for regular check-ins and help you improve your workouts and health to help you reach your goals.

Final Thoughts

Prioritizing your health and nutrition can be challenging when you're already busy, but is worth the effort. You'll work your way towards a healthier body and lifestyle and maximize your day to the fullest. Ready to start working out when you're busy and empower your health at the same time? Browse our selection of supplements here.

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