The science is in. If you're hoping to eat healthier, keep your weight in check, and feel better, meal planning could be the answer. Research shows that meal planning is associated with a more nutritious diet and less obesity.

The good news is meal prep planning doesn't have to be complicated. Instead of dedicating hours of time researching ideas and hanging out in the grocery store, here's how to healthy meal prep without the overwhelm. 

Crowd Out Your Diet with Healthy Food Options

Healthy Meal Prep - WAYT NutritionThe first step in healthy meal prep is looking at the dishes you already know and love. Instead of reinventing the wheel, many dishes can turn healthier by making a few adjustments. 

If the cornerstone of your favorite entrees is meat, try leaner options or downgrade it to a side dish instead. Focus on bulking up on your salads, vegetables, and whole grains as the star player of your next meal.

Focus on Quality Foods

Brainstorm which foods keep you the most satiated while remaining a healthy option on your plate. Avocados, fish that are high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, fruits, veggies, some nuts, and grains are all quality go-to's for your healthy meal prep adventure. Plan your dishes around those quality foods. Start with a star player like salmon and surround yourself with fresh veggies and fruit for dessert if you're feeling overwhelmed.

Power Pack Your Nutrients

Keep in mind not all "healthy" foods are created equally. Vegetables like corn are high in carbohydrates that end up turning into sugar instead of high-quality fuel. Dark greens and lean chicken or fish are two places to start. 

If you're not sure if you're getting enough nutrients in your diet, turn to the power of supplements. Organic Greens and Whey Protein are two supplements that help keep your nutrition and health goals on track.

Keep it Simple

No rule says meals like dinner need to be a multi-course affair. Instead, keep it all simple. Quinoa, avocado, and your favorite vegetables and seasoning are one place to start. Experiment with healthy, straightforward, and inexpensive options to stay motivated and beat the meal prep overwhelm. 

Focus on the 7 Elements of Nutrition

Proteins. Lipids. Fiber. Minerals. It's not always easy to know what to focus on when it comes to nutrition. What's essential, and what's just a boost to your health? 

Simplify the process by focusing on the core elements you really need to stay healthy and transform your body. They help build cornerstones of health for your body, mind, and health. Read more about the seven elements of nutrition to add to your healthy meal prep routine.

Maximize Your Leftovers

It's easy to feel overwhelmed if you focus on meal prep seven days a week for multiple meals and snacks. In reality, you may only need to focus on a few entrees and snacks for the entire week. Take advantage of leftovers and mix and match to create entirely new meals. You can fill in any missing meals with salad kits or nutritious meal bars.  

Use Similar Ingredients for the Entire Week

One way to get on top of meal prep is to figure out how flavors and foods to pair together. Make it a goal to use similar ingredients throughout the week, from leafy greens to grains. You'll get a handle on what types of foods taste great together and end up saving yourself time and money in the process.

Make Healthy Meal Prep Fun

One of the biggest secrets to crush the meal prep overwhelm is to make it fun. Team up with a friend or focus on meals and healthy treats you love. WAYT Nutrition also offers health coaching and valuable resources that help figure out how to eat healthier and maximize your workouts. 

Final Thoughts

Meal prep can be empowering and transform your body and mind for the better. It can also save you time, money, and create a more stress-free experience in the kitchen. Ready to take control of your health again and empower your body? Browse our selection of supplements here.

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