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28 Day Immune Booster

28 Day Immune Booster

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Included in the 28 Day Immune Booster:
  • Protein 
  • Greens 
  • Probiotic 

28 Day WAYT Program with:

  • Food swap list
  • Sample menu
  • Grocery list.
  • Supplement guide.
  • Measurement guides.
  • Premier Coaching Program (weekly check-ins with coach).

More Details:

  • 2lbs Whey Protein - Our undenatured, low temperature processed protein is ideal for your immune system health while providing all the benefits of the every day protein powder. 
  • Organic Greens - This product comes with a full serving of organic vegetables in every scoop, while also giving your body the micronutrients and vitamins it needs to combat sickness and disease.
  • Probiotic - This amazing blend of 40 billion CFU and 8 different strains of probiotic helps fight disease and improve your gut health, which is the center for disease in our body. We also added a digestive enzyme blend to improve your ability to process and digest foods. 
  • 28 Day Immune Booster Program - includes everything below and is specifically tailored to teach you healthy habits that will help you truly improve your health, while improving your fitness and overall body composition. 
  • Immune Booster Food swap list - so you can eat the foods you like. There are so many options and we want you to ENJOY eating.
  • Immune Booster Sample menu - if you dont want to think at all, you can follow this to a T. If you really just want it for inspirataion and for direction, we wanted you to have a full months menu. 
  • Immune Booster Grocery list - We included your grocery list options, swap items, and approved items to take all the guess work out of going to the store. 
  • WAYT Supplement guide - A free guide to all of our products, why they are important, and what may work best for your specific scenario. 
  • Wayt Measurement guides - Never sign up for a program that doesnt want to track your progress. You have to be able to measure your results and success for you and to hold us accountable. We only win when both sides get results. Tracking is KEY. Most companies skip that. 
  • WAYT Premier Coaching Program (weekly check-ins with coach) - Your coach will be there for you. We will check in every week and you can use us as much or as little as you want. Our goal is to help you improve and answer questions so that you learn the skills to turn this into a lifestyle, not just some quick fix program. 

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      Customer Reviews

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      Excellent Products

      This was my first order and won’t be my last !! I was pleased with the quality and taste of the products , the shipping and extra care put into my order . Love the taste and quality and also the greens are berry flavored (bonus for anyone who doesn’t like greens ) you don’t even know your drinking them ❤️

      Betsy Dehaan
      Amazing Products

      I have been a fan of Platinum Fitness since the beginning and the plans are the best available. Thanks for helping us on our way to a healthy fit FAMILY life!!!