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28 Day Tone and Focus Program

28 Day Tone and Focus Program

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Included in the 28-Day Tone and Focus Program:
  1. 2lbs Whey Protein - Our undenatured, low temperature processed protein is designed to help you get enough protein. Most people do not, and if you do not get enough protein, your body will use what you do feed it for survival instead of tone and improve your physique. 

  2. The Sh*t - This fat burner and brain function enhancement product helps you tone all day long if you are following the nutritional program. It also helps you stay sharp, learn, and focus so you can succeed in your day. This product does so much, we had to name it something that reflected how awesome it is. 
  3. Collagen - Our grass-fed collagen blend tastes amazing, but it also helps reduce cellulite and stretch marks while improving hair, skin and nail health. If we want to tone, this helps. Keep in mind if we arent getting enough protein, this wont work like its suppose to. 
  4. Preworkout - Our pre workout helps motivate you to go the gym. It is built to help regulate your heart rate and blood pressure as well so you can push yourself in the gym. Do not take this as an energy or focus supplement, this is designed to get you in the zone during exercise. 
  5. 28 Day Fat Loss Program - includes everything below and is specifically tailored to teach you healthy habits that will help you truly improve your health while burning fat and preserving muscle so you look better, not just lose weight. This is fat loss not weight loss. There is a huge difference. Our program reflects that. 
  6. Fat Loss Sample menu - if you don't want to think at all, you can follow this to a T. If you really just want it for inspiration and for direction, we wanted you to have a full months menu. 
  7. Fat Loss Grocery list - We included your grocery list options, swap items, and approved items to take all the guess work out of going to the store. 
  8. WAYT Supplement guide - A free guide to all of our products, why they are important, and what may work best for your specific scenario. 
  9. WAYT Measurement guides - Never sign up for a program that doesnt want to track your progress. You have to be able to measure your results and success for you and to hold us accountable. We only win when both sides get results. Tracking is KEY. Most companies skip that. 
  10. WAYT Premier Coaching Program (weekly check-ins with coach) - Your coach will be there for you. We will check in every week and you can use us as much or as little as you want. Our goal is to help you improve and answer questions so that you learn the skills to turn this into a lifestyle, not just some quick fix program. 

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