WAYT Shaker Bottle


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Make the WAYT Shaker Bottle your new go-to for to uplevel your fitness goals. Use it to mix up your favorite pre or post workout supplements. It's easy to use, portable, and motivates you to keep pushing yourself to succeed. If your body needs more supplements and you can't seem to prioritize it, the WAYT Shaker Bottle can transform your daily routine.

Customer Reviews

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Laura Wagner
Perfectly adequate

It is sturdy and certainly works. Given that I only need to mix the powder with a minimum of 6 ounces (I like to use 8 with a couple ice cubes) the height of it is unnecessary. A shorter version would make it easier to transport. I also prefer a metal ball style that will drop within the shaker instead of the plastic piece being at the top. A ball that rattles completely throughout the shaker makes it even smoother. I am in no way dissatisfied but Do feel that improvements would be beneficial. Oh, I LOVE that it has the Large ring on the lid to hook my finger through! If the rest of it were as convenient as my other bottle I would DEFINITELY use yours to go places!

Angela F
Love this Shaker!

Perfect shaker bottle!


This is an awesome Shaker. I have five other shakers and this one is my favorite.

Antoinette Dziedzic
Excellent Shaker Bottle

I have used lots of different shaker bottles over the years but this one is the best!

Chrustine Baker
Free shaker bottle

I did not need another shaker bottle filling up my drawer! Am not going to use it, will you pay for shipping to return it?

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